yes (loocy) wrote in polkadoteyes,

it has been soooo long since we've spoken! (i hope you don't hate me or anything, i didn't have the net for a whole month and have been quite busy). i hope everything with you is okie, what i wanted to ask you though was when is yr birthday? is it on the 15th?
i have just looked through monkeypencils as i'm at my parents house at the moment and very bored and there is a conversation that we have about decorating babyfruits, IT IS THE BEST and i might have giggled at it,

love u. x
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HEY LOOLY! I don't hate you at all, i've barely been here either, just snatching ten minutes wherever i can, life's got all hectic on me, i dunno where that came from! It's good though :D

I still have the pictures somewhere when we spent an hour taking pictures of fruit in random places across our home. Oh we're sad :D

Oh no, i just checked your livejournal because i haven't been reading my friends list enough, & i missed your birthday :( I hate me for forgetting your birthady, i'm soso sorry, it just completely slipped my mind ARGH, don't hate me!!
I'm not having a birthday this year, it's a scary number so i'm ignoring its existance & staying 19 forever.

I hope you have lots&lots of fun in Germ-any, bring back pictures for me to look at!
Love ya fonzie, xxx